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Catch Up With Dave
Written by Anita Andersen   
Sunday, 09 October 2011 06:53

www.davidandersen.com.au caught up with Dave late last week to find out how he was settling in Siena.  Here’s what he had to say.

How are you settling in Siena?

I am settling in well, I have a nice home in the Tuscan hills with a great view and relaxing atmosphere.  Siena is a great place to live.

Has much changed since you were there 8 years ago?

Not a lot, the city is still quite small and easy to get around.  There are a lot of nice restaurants and places to go here.

Have you found it easy slipping back into the Italian way of life?

Yes, I am loving the Italian siesta’s, we have been training a lot and having a little rest in the day which makes you feel much better for the training in evening. Also something to mention is the Italian food, I really like the pasta and way they cook.

You’ve played a few games now, how different is it playing in Europe compared to the NBA?

The Europe style of play is more team orientated and the ball movement is different to NBA, it has been a bit of re-training for me to get back to this style but I feel comfortable in it. The way the fans are is different too here, they love to chant and sing along. It’s quite a bit different to the NBA.

How many games a week on average will you be playing once the season proper starts?

Two Games per week on average, 1 Euroleague and 1 Italian Lega A.

Euroleague is a notoriously long season, what plans do you have in place to ensure that you remain fit and healthy for the full season?

I am always doing a lot of things for recovery, like ice baths and massage, plus quite a bit of physio for any injuries that come up. Add to that II follow a fairly strict weight training program to maintain my body and build strength for the end of season.

Do you find gelling with your team easier because you speak fluent Italian?

It does help a lot, it has been fun picking it back up and doing interviews in Italian. The guys on team are good and like to joke around so it makes it easier when you understand them all.

Have you played on a team before with any of your current team mates?

I played with Nikos Zisis in CSKA back when I was there, it’s good to be back with him and catching up.

What’s your training schedule like?

Pretty full on with something every day, no weekends off or days off, it is hectic and keeps me busy most days. It is our job so we have to dedicate ourselves to it. Sometimes we have 2 training sessions in one day, equalling to around 5-6hrs of work.


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